Goals for 2020 and my Word of the Year…

For the past two years I have chosen a word of the year and found it a very interesting experience. For 2018 my word was “love” with specific intention to show it more to those I was struggling with. It seemed that it became particularly difficult to do that year, maybe because I was so conscious of it. By the end of the year though I felt that I had definitely improved in this area and I was pleased.

To follow on with that theme, I chose “grace” as my word for 2019. See below for my thoughts…

So without further ado my word for 2020 is… drumroll please…


Inspired by this word I have started this blog with the intent to document my journey in exploring creativity at home.

Two of my three main goals are directly related to this word and one is more tangential but definitely aids the overall intent.

Paint one painting I love and hang it up in the house by the end of the year

I have had such a creative block for years now that I am determined to push through. Plagued by perfectionism and the fear of failure I haven’t picked up a paintbrush in about 10 years. I did a watercolour self portrait in my last year of Secondary school (I was 17). I received so many compliments (and continue to do so because my parents hung it up in their sitting room) and I allowed the fear of disappointing others expectations to stifle me.

Sew each member of the family at least one item using up my stash

Before we moved to this house I had quite a good system in place for my sewing projects. I have made quilts, a wee coat, jumper, pyjamas etc. for the older two when they were toddlers but I haven’t managed as much as I had hoped since then. I have a cupboard full of fabric and a computer full of patterns so I will make each person one item each, a total of 5 items. I’ll do a blog post on the chosen items soon.

Minimise the whole house by the end of the year by zone

There are 12 rooms/areas in the house so I will work on one room per month towards the goal. Less mess = more time to enjoy being creative. As we are also mid-renovation, any reduction of clutter and stuff makes life easier and less stressful. I am not aiming for perfection, but for tangible progress.

So there you have it. My intention is to post twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays will be more chatty/theoretical and Thursdays will be for actual projects. Let’s get started!

Kathelle x

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