The Autumn Nights are Drawing in…

It’s at this time of year in the North East Highlands that you really feel the nights ‘drawing in’ as we say.  Right now the sun rises at around quarter to eight in the morning (which isn’t too bad compared to the depths of winter) and the sun sets around quarter past 6 in the evening.  Having the evenings significantly darken from dinner time really makes the days feel shorter and encourages the desire for added cosiness and warmth, even if it’s not that cold outside (for us, that is 😉)

Last year, I bought the book “Welcome Home” by Myquillyn Smith, (also known as “The Nester” online).  I am a big fan of her work and philosophy on what makes a home cosy and inviting.  At the time, I was keen to add a bit of seasonal variation to our home without adding extra clutter and things to manage.  In Scotland, at least in my perception, it’s not really the done thing to decorate for the seasons year round as it seems to be across the Atlantic.  Those cute “sweater weather” mugs can be appropriate at any time of year here! 

Adding cosiness to our home

Anyway, I digress…  As I said, I wanted to add a bit of seasonal variety without clutter.  I have a hard time with decorative items as I feel I don’t have the knack for displaying them as attractively as others do, and since the house has been in renovation limbo for the past 6 years, I don’t want to commit to anything expensive.  Myquillyn’s book is full of lovely ideas that can be achieved simply and suited to where you actually live. 

To experiment with this idea, I bought two inexpensive faux-fluffy-fur-stuff cushion covers to cosy up the sofa.  It immediately made the room feel a bit more cosy and autumnal without being stuck in a particular season.  I also bought some lovely smelling reed diffusers from Essence of Harris (Horgabost is quite autumnal in my opinion).  Don’t underestimate the power of scents in your home – I’m not one for fabric softeners and air fresheners but a good quality diffuser or candle really helps to create a lovely atmosphere.

This year, I haven’t bought any autumnal-ish diffusers yet but I have bought some lovely candles from Wick and Nook on Etsy.  I chose the Pumpkin Spice Latte and Sticky Toffee Pudding scents and they are so nice, spicy, cosy and vanilla-ey.  (Yes, I know it’s not a word 😉 )

Autumn Makes and Bakes

Bought is a word I don’t like using too often, so let’s get onto some autumnal things to make.   The first thing that comes to mind in early autumn is homemade plum jam – I have a video on YouTube for my recipe for Plum and Strawberry Jam.  Plum deserts have been less successful in this house though, I still haven’t found a recipe we all like.  Bramble picking is another autumn favourite activity, they make a lovely jam and work well with apples for a crumble or cobbler.  Definitely the perfect pudding for a cold autumn night, with plenty warm custard. 

Making our home autumnal and cosy is still a work in progress here, much like everything else, but adding cosy textures, spicy, fruity scents and tasty deserts using fruit in season locally feels like autumn to me, as well as that indescribable, beautiful clear light you get on a lovely day.

On my to-do-wish-list is a crochet blanket in loosely autumnal colours to put on the sofa or snuggle up with on an evening.  Not sure if that’ll happen this year thought to be honest, but it’s nice to dream of projects 🙂  

What feels like autumn to you where you live?  Do you like to decorate seasonally?

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6 thoughts on “The Autumn Nights are Drawing in…

  1. Loved reading your blog Kathelle. You’ve made me stop and think, I’ve never decorated any seasons other than at Easter and Christmas. Maybe I should ❤
    A lovely autumn crochet blanket – I’d recommend Lucy attic 24 woodland blanket. I made it for my MIL, when she passed away, we brought it back to Lincolnshire in our home. Cx

  2. I am in the same mindset. Fall, in Florida, is almost an oxymoron. I don’t want a lot of “stuff” sitting around that I’ve got to buy storage tubs for & dust. But . . . I want a “homey” feel. I’ve been trying to find solutions that fit our climate, etc. This article is perfect.💛🧡💛

    1. Yes, that’s it exactly 👍 The feeling of homely warmth and welcome as opposed to just pumpkins and scarves… not that they’re bad 😉 Thank you for your kind comment ❤ x x x

  3. I don’t do much seasonal either, other than Christmas or Easter. But I started doing cross stitch ornaments, that I would like to rotate for a few occasions. Nothing too much. I am on a journey of reducing and simplifying, as I don’t want to invest my time in cleaning and going mad after all the decor. I’ve put away a few boxes and am taking down few curtains too.But a little bit is needed and is hygge. I agree that scents and candles can make a difference, I love lavender most of all, for it’s uplifting qualities. On crochet blankets also the ones by Janie Crow are quite beautiful and very well explained. 👋Take care, dear Kathelle. I like this space very much ❤️

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment 🥰 Lavender is lovely, definitely one of my favourites 😍 I think if we add more hygge all year round there’s less need for excessive decorations 🤔 just wee hints like your cross-stitches 😊 Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll look her up! Take care ❤❤ x x x

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