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SeveraI years ago I was a self professed “rubbish housewife”. I was frustrated, overwhelmed and I didn’t know where to start. With two children under two, it seemed that the mess and washing were never-ending and I struggled to find time for myself. Depression and and anxiety had me firmly in their grip.


I was determined that this wasn’t going to stop me however, so, in 2017, my New Year’s resolution was to start the Flylady System. This time I was more focused and decided to not jump ahead of myself, like I often do, and I attempted to follow the basic steps.

A few weeks later, I discovered the wonderful Diane in Denmark on YouTube, and have never looked back. Her simple explanations of the system and cheery hands-on approach have encouraged many people. I honestly couldn’t believe the difference made by following through with the 31 Babysteps – a month long introduction to “FlyLady Land”. I promise, If I can do it with a 4 month old baby, you can too!

A few days later I wrote this post…

I hope to get… a sense of order and peace in our family life.

What I hope to get from the FlyLady system is a sense of order and peace in our family life.  I want my children to know that I love them by looking after them, but also by teaching them the skills they need.  I want my husband to feel loved and appreciated when he comes home from work to a (reasonably!) peaceful environment. I want to Finally Love Myself so I can be the best for them and for me.  I suffered bad postnatal depression after DD3 (my daughter) and I believe that the FlyLady system has helped, and will continue to help, in alleviating unnecessary stress and increasing my sense of self worth.  I am a recovering perfectionist.  I was once proud of it but when used wrongly that aspect of my personality can be a snare.  So, onwards and upwards!  x x x

By this point you may be wondering what FlyLady and cleaning systems have to do with a more creative home. The key here is in simplifying house management so that there is more space and time for creativity.

A calm space in a busy house

As I discovered, the crucial difference between FlyLady and many other cleaning plans is a focus on the homemaker as a whole person. Not just a cleaner, or a cook, or a planner, but a woman (or man!) with their own need for self care and even fun in daily life. As someone who was coming out of a very bad spell of depression, this was and is so important.

My confidence as a person has increased so much since I posted my first shiny sink picture on Instagram, over 3 years ago, thanks to a wonderful community of friends and fellow “flybabies”. I have learnt the power of encouragement and the joy of celebrating the small things in life.

This blog is a continuation of that journey, documenting what I learn as we create our home, one babystep at a time.

Kathelle x

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