7 Ways To Be Creative At Home

Continuing with our creativity at home theme for the month, here are some easy ways to be creative at home using what you probably already have. I want to show you that you don’t need special tools, a paintbrush and a canvas or a needle and thread to be creative at home. All these things are achievable, and, even if you do one of them today for 5 minutes, I hope you’ll enjoy the process. Remember, this is about daily exercise, not the Olympics 😉

So here’s 7 ways you can be creative at home.

1. Home Decor

Whether it’s rearranging the furniture and ornaments, (does anyone say ornaments now? 😂) or a major redecoration, freshening up our homes is always nice. We can try moving an armchair to a new spot in the room, swapping a vase with one in another room. Maybe you want to rearrange the mantlepiece and shop your home for fresh places for things. You can look up styling tips on blogs, Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. A few colourful cushions can work wonders to cheer up a place too! My friend Kate, designer of Kitty Holmes cushions, very kindly gave me some of her gorgeous cushion covers and they cheer me up every day.

2. Indoor Plants and Flowers

It’s easy to see that houseplants are incredibly popular just now and rightly so! Arranging plants in a pretty way can be so enjoyable, along with the health benefits of having plants indoors, such as cleaner air and lowered stress levels. There’s something lovely about looking after a plant and having it come along life’s journey with you. Flower arranging is also a great way to have fun with colour combinations without the commitment of decorating, and other plant arts, like bonsai trees, are very rewarding too.

3. Baking

You can’t go wrong with baking as a way to be creative and get a reasonably quick “I’ve made it!” satisfaction hit. One of my absolute favourite baking channels on YouTube is Bigger Bolder Baking – my kids love watching it too. The resident baking expert, Gemma, has so may great ideas that are really doable no matter what facilities you have. Bread is also great to make if you’re wanting to bake something savoury and expand your skill set. As an example, you can do all sorts of cool braided patterns with an ordinary loaf recipe.

4. Photography

Almost everyone has access to a decent camera nowadays. Why not have fun arranging and photographing a still life with what you have at home, attempt to style a “shelfie” (grouping items nicely on a shelf and taking a picture) or get a lovely photo of the view from your home? Look up YouTube videos on photo compositions and simple editing tips to make your photo really come to life. Photography is also a great excuse to go outside for a walk and really take the time to stop and notice all the little details around you.

5. Journaling and Scrapbooking

Processing the day’s activities and thoughts by journaling has proved helpful for many people. Writing and drawing diagrams and doodling helps to calm the mind and get your daily dose of creativity. My sister made me a beautiful scrapbook as a present once and I fill it with special memories and pictures that the kids have drawn. I’m not perfectionist about it at all (for once!) and it’s so nice having a space to keep these random bits and bobs.

6. Doodling

Doodling is a great way to be creative at home because there’s no pressure, just you a bit of paper and a pen! What’s your favourite thing to doodle? I always used to do flowers, while my husband quite often draws Land Rovers or geometric patterns. Why not challenge yourself to get a notebook and doodle for a minute every day for a week? I’m sure your confidence would grow and you’d have a visual diary of sorts to look back on.

7. Writing

Do you enjoy coming up with stories or did you enjoy it in school and haven’t done it since? Or maybe poetry’s more your thing? There’s no pressure, just write what you think/feel and see how it goes. Maybe you can choose a topic or a question about a subject you enjoy and write a blog post about it (real or pretend, it doesn’t matter!). Maybe you’re musical and you’d enjoy writing the lyrics for a new song. Get pen to paper, or fingers on the keys and let your ideas flow.

I hope these ideas have helped you think of ways you can be more creative at home. Maybe they reminded you of something you used to enjoy when you were younger (I used to enjoy journaling) that you’d like to pick up again. Whatever the case I hope you don’t limit yourself in thinking that creativity can’t be achieved with only what we have available. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that’s when it’s at it’s best!

Kathelle x

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5 thoughts on “7 Ways To Be Creative At Home

  1. Thanks for these suggestions, Kathelle! I hadn’t heard of a “sheltie” but it appeals to me a lot more than a selfie! 😄 I am definitely becoming a fan of houseplants….so many beautiful varieties to enjoy.

  2. Hi Kathelle,

    Just had a moment to open up your blog post and saw that you included me in it! Thanks so much for the lovely shout out and I 100% agree with your tips on being creative with your home decor (and all the other points too! ).
    And I look forward to checking out Bigger Bolder Baking. We baked the shortbread recipe for a second time on the weekend and I will probably bake it again this afternoon so I will trust your advice on anything baking!

    Thanks again for having me feature in your blog!

    Lots of love,

    Kate xx


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