Why Should You Be Creative At Home?

In January we looked at a few basic questions regarding creativity, and this month the topics will be specifically about creativity in the home. So, first if all, why should you be creative at home? We’ve looked at why creativity is important and what it means to be creative, but why should we focus some of these creative energies at home?

The purpose of this blog is to work together towards a simpler and more creative life, to be content with what we have. In order for us to progress along that path, we need to understand why this is important for us. Without a why that we truly believe in, there’s no underlying motivation to keep us going. This will look different for everyone, and that’s a wonderful thing.

Ok, so let’s get going. Why should we then, be creative at home?

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Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns

When I am looking for a project that doesn’t involve a huge amount of thinking and is pretty portable, a crochet blanket comes high on my list. There are definitely some complicated and beautiful patterns out there but this selection has met my criteria of simple, “memorisable” pattern and remnant friendly.

I have made a grand total of five crochet blankets in my life, 4 small baby ones for my children (when I was pregnant with them) and one larger one, my first project, naturally… take my advice and start on a baby blanket! My Mum taught me the basics when I was 19, and she’d been taught by her mother. I love these connections and memories.

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3 Consequences of Stifling Creativity

I think we’ve all experienced this in one form or another. Stifling our creativity because of “I-DON’T-HAVE-TIME-ITIS” or because we’re “not good enough” or because we felt like it was a waste of time, you’re busy and all that.

After a while though, we start feeling restless… feeling like we need to DO something, we have a short attention span and just don’t know where to start. I call it getting in a twidget. Weird, I know. That’s when I know I have been neglecting my creative side. It’s an imbalance of information/inspiration consumption and not enough actual doing.

It doesn’t sound that bad though really… or is it?

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Cosy Twist Snood Tutorial

As you may remember, one of my goals for 2020 was to use up some of my fabric stash. This first item, a cosy twist snood tutorial, is for my daughter and it’s a nice simple one. This snood only took me an hour to make, including taking all the photos.

While I was doing my Christmas shopping last November, I came across this lovely snood. I thought it would be perfect for her because it was her colours and it looked really cosy.

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Everyone is Creative

I’ve been wondering… have you been reading my posts on what it means to be creative and how creativity is important and thinking “that’s nice but I don’t think it’s me?” This post is for you and anyone else who doubts their creativity.

Why is it that at some point on our lives a divide seems to be made between “creative” people and “non creative” people? I don’t believe such a distinction exists. There are artistic people and musical people, linguistic people and crafty people but those are talents, skills, as opposed to an outlook and way of thinking.

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Butterfly Birthday Cake Recipe and Tutorial

In our home, no birthday is complete without a homemade birthday cake. Our kids get to choose the flavour and a theme, if they want, but the cake is kept a surprise (if we can!) until the birthday party. So far we’ve had many chocolate cakes, rainbow cakes, cakes with a tractor, a fire engine and even a teleporter for our 3 year old boy – you won’t find that in Asda! This butterfly birthday cake is the most recent one and it was a definite hit.

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Why is Creativity Important?

Last week we were talking about what it means to be creative and I got a lot of positive feedback from you, which I’m really glad about. This week we will follow on from that by looking why creativity is important. The first three things that came to mind were that:

  • creativity expresses individuality
  • creativity enhances our experiences
  • creativity encourages curiousity
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Goals for 2020 and my Word of the Year…

For the past two years I have chosen a word of the year and found it a very interesting experience. For 2018 my word was “love” with specific intention to show it more to those I was struggling with. It seemed that it became particularly difficult to do that year, maybe because I was so conscious of it. By the end of the year though I felt that I had definitely improved in this area and I was pleased.

To follow on with that theme, I chose “grace” as my word for 2019. See below for my thoughts…

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What does it mean to be creative?

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As I begin with this blog, I want to explore a few questions about creativity and what it actually means to be creative. Getting to the root of things is something I enjoy, so let’s begin!

First, we’ll look at what the word creative means. It basically means turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Whether that is physically making something i.e. sewing a dress or making something happen, let’s say planning a special event like a themed wedding.

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My First Post…

SeveraI years ago I was a self professed “rubbish housewife”. I was frustrated, overwhelmed and I didn’t know where to start. With two children under two, it seemed that the mess and washing were never-ending and I struggled to find time for myself. Depression and and anxiety had me firmly in their grip.

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